How we answered the Santa Question...

Hi All,

I know it has been awhile since my last post.  So this time of year I thought I would tell you how we handled the Santa situation.  Now I hear about how children are told at school and this has ruined it, etc, etc... However I have never believed this.  Sure my boys were told, but when they asked with hope in their eyes, my answer was simple.

I asked them... 'What do you believe?'  Generally the answer was that Santa was real, so I would say, well that is all that matters and do not worry.  I have gotten to 12 years old, however being he was starting high school and had asked a few times this year, we decided that it was time to tell him.  I did this in the form of a letter to him.  Please feel free to adjust to suit your family, but it worked for fine

Dear D...
You’ve been asking some rather amazing questions as you’ve begun the long journey through childhood through to being a teenager. 
We’ve covered all sorts of things, however there’s one question you’ve been asked that hasn’t yet been explained. It’s been a difficult subject to cover but we feel this is the best way to explain it. We never told you he was real, we always asked what you believed and said well that was all that matters. 
It’s the subject of Santa.
You’ve asked whether or not we, your parents, are Santa. The short answer is no! We are not Santa, but then no-one really is. Santa is actually the real spirit of Christmas.
We, your parents fill the stockings, choose the gifts and even wrap them up. But we do it on behalf of Santa. Santa or St Nicholas was a real person and his legend of giving children gifts lives on. His spirit of giving and making one evening magical was real, so parents around the world continue this tradition.
Let me explain.
Santa is about believing in something that you can’t feel or see. I know you’re ready to learn about Santa because you have so much love in your heart, and even though you can’t touch it or see it, it’s there! Santa keeps the spirit of Christmas alive for children everywhere and now you can too.
It case you are wondering you will still get gifts, however from now it will be from mum and dad
You’ve known for a while that the task of reaching homes everywhere in one night was impossible and you’re right to be questioning it. The truth is, grown-ups help Santa, or the true spirit of Christmas along, by doing that job and we do it so we, too, can fill more hearts with the same love, joy and magic that you have felt every Christmas since you were born.
You’ll do it one day, too, and the magic of Christmas will be with your kids.
Well, now you know the truth. Santa is everywhere and lives in everyone through hope, happiness, joy and love.
Santa relies on your help too. Now that you’ve been told about the true spirit of Christmas, Santa will need you to let others keep believing like your brother R... so the love, joy, hope and happiness can keep spreading.
May Santa always live in your heart.
Mum and Dad.

I have also found the following websites very handy indeed over the course of time - Create personalised videos, they are wonderful.  I love this site - Santa Tracker, just a little fun too - Gift tags with Elves details

Lots out there and enjoy seeing the eyes of your children light up.  My rule is your children are as innocent as you let them be.  Let them enjoy.  My older child is in on the fun too, and he is loving seeing this from our side now.