More Decision - Circumcision

Here is a controversial topic and sent my family and friends into overdrive.  Now I am not into FGM, I believe in making the right choice for your child.  I have a son, however we had people giving the argument that this would mean we would do the same for a girl.  So to set the record straight, that would be a no.  male and female procedure are very different cases.  I do not believe there are any health benefits to the female procedure.

Male circumcision, is something very different.  There are a lot of pro and cons for this procedure.  Personally I think more pro than con really.  However I know this can erupt into a very heated argument.  Now, my hubby comes from a 'only if necessary' and I came from 'it is just done' family.  My hubby is done, but was circumcised later in life because of issues, and from what I hear same for one of his brothers for the same issue and last was done as a baby.  Now I hear the later in life hurts a lot and really is something that was not a good experience for my hubby.

So, with this information and the pro and cons and family history, we decided for the procedure.  I do think the penis does look better, however this should not be your only reason.  Parents of little boys will also tell you it is easy for cleaning purposes as well.

I have attached a link about male circumcision here from the World Health Organisation with the idea that on this you do need to make your own decision.  Whatever you decide, feel good in the fact you have made an informed decision.

If you decide too do this you have to find a doctor who is willing to perform the procedure.  Doctors have their own personal say on the matter.  I will say ensure you have this conversation prior to baby being born to save the argument.

We were lucky to find a doctor who was like us well informed of the pros and cons.  He allowed us to make this decision and understood it was also based on both our family history.

All I can suggest for this subject is to make this choice between you and your partner and no one else.

New Baby - Hospital

So I have a new little man who gave us the scare of our lives.  8pound 8 ounces or 4kg and 55cm long with a 37cm wide head.  (The average length is 46cm - 50cm) ohhhh he's so small.  I am not allowed to go anywhere because of the Caesarean.  I was jealous, all the ladies who had a natural birth are walking around a few hours later, I cannot go anywhere.  I am stuck in bed for 24 - 48 hours.  No dignity left.  The nurse changes you, and brings you bub, because I am so groggy.

I must say I am personally not a fan of the caesarean, however I know this is such a personal choice.  Mine was made for me for this little man.  The funny thing was it took at while for me to recognise that the crib next to my bed was mine.  I kept looking and thinking this is weird.  I am told this is normal and that it is easier for mum's to be attached to baby after a natural birth.  I must admit it did take a while for me to connect.  Thankfully I did, and am blessed.

Decisions, name and filling in the paperwork.  yuck still a little groggy, hubby is helping.  note to new mum's make sure husband spells name right.  We had to ask for new paperwork.

Hopefully not as groggy tomorrow and will make more sense tomorrow