New Baby - Hospital

So I have a new little man who gave us the scare of our lives.  8pound 8 ounces or 4kg and 55cm long with a 37cm wide head.  (The average length is 46cm - 50cm) ohhhh he's so small.  I am not allowed to go anywhere because of the Caesarean.  I was jealous, all the ladies who had a natural birth are walking around a few hours later, I cannot go anywhere.  I am stuck in bed for 24 - 48 hours.  No dignity left.  The nurse changes you, and brings you bub, because I am so groggy.

I must say I am personally not a fan of the caesarean, however I know this is such a personal choice.  Mine was made for me for this little man.  The funny thing was it took at while for me to recognise that the crib next to my bed was mine.  I kept looking and thinking this is weird.  I am told this is normal and that it is easier for mum's to be attached to baby after a natural birth.  I must admit it did take a while for me to connect.  Thankfully I did, and am blessed.

Decisions, name and filling in the paperwork.  yuck still a little groggy, hubby is helping.  note to new mum's make sure husband spells name right.  We had to ask for new paperwork.

Hopefully not as groggy tomorrow and will make more sense tomorrow

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