Monday and 38 weeks

Oh god, Hubby is at work and I am BORED!!!! ahhhhhhh

So I clean, watch Oprah, ok still bored, have an appointment and have to wait for my hubby because I cannot fit behind the steering wheel of the car and reach the peddles.  I take out meat for dinner, mmmmm pasta sounds good I prepare the meal, you know cut up onion and carrot, etc for  later... ok still bored.

I take the dog to the park to throw the ball for him, this is nice I think, I look at my watch and decide that I would duck walk back home, dear god cannot believe I am duck walking is all I am thinking.

The appointments are still a little invasive however I am getting use to them though not comfortable.  I have a shower get change so I don't smell like dog.

Hubby pulls up and off we go...

Doctors office:

Hi and how are you feeling today?

mmmm I good doctor little tight feeling here, the little bugger won't put his foot down.

ok hop on the bed and lets have a look and see how everything is going.


Ummmm you are about 5 cm Dilated.

oh ok is that it can I go home?  (you may note I had no idea)

No, what we might do is if you go up to the hospital and that will just make sure all is ok.

Is it ok?

Yes, fine, just head up there anyway.  I will come and check on you in about 45 mins.

At the hospital...

Nurse put a belt contraption thing around my huge belly, with 2 sensors.  The machine suddenly shows numbers on the two separate screens.

I notice my belly is moving around a lot at this stage.

I asked the nurse what does this number mean?

That's your baby heartbeat

Oh... What this number?

They are your contractions...

huh? (looking confuse right now)

Contractions... ( the nurse notices that I have no idea)

But they could be Braxton hicks.

Oh ok (nurse looks at the read out)

I will call the doctor up

Is everything ok


.................... 11/2  hours passes, and hormones really kick in....................

Hubby, I want to go home, The doctor sad he would be 45 mins not an hour and a half.  I have meat on the sink and I have to cook dinner, come on lets go.

Honey we should stay, (he knows by the way) the doctor shouldn't be to much longer.

Hubby (Growling now) I want to go.  I don't want to be here, and I am hungry can you get me a sandwich?

Well you better not just in case

Just in case what ( really growling and wanting to kill people)

I'll just check what the hold up is ok

ok honey (being nice now - Mood changes where weird and I remember this like yesterday)

....................................2 1/2 hours...............................

Doctor walks in with looks at the read out and states....

This baby needs to come out now, the baby is in distressed

(My weird reply) That's not my birth plan....

The baby is in distress and this may not be good, we need to do a Caesarean section

But that is not my birth plan (and tears)

Hubby that's not my birth plan

Honey, you need to listen to the doctor

(extra people walk into the room)

Doctor:  This is ..... he is an anaesthesiologist, he  is going to give you a spinal block, you will feel movement but no pain


Hubby: Honey please listen to the doctor

ok ( I start to shake uncontrollable - I think I was scared but not sure)

My hubby hold my hands to hold me still so the anaesthesiologist can do his job

ok done

I am wheeled into theatre and the doctor is talking about how well I am doing.  The sheet goes up and 10 mins later

Baby held above the sheet,  It a boy and he is taken away, not a sound and all is quiet.

paediatrician now has my little boy and 2 minutes pass, the longest 2 mins of my life as they work on my little boy.  I was terrified and crying, My husband was awesome just reassuring me the whole time.


Best sound in the world, they put him on my belly and he goes quiet, he's perfect, I was so overcome I just sob, 6.55pm on the 8 sep my little man is born at 37 weeks and 5 days

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