The Start of Maternity Leave - 37 weeks 2 days

Ok it is Saturday, and all I can think about is how bored I will be on Monday.  Sad really.  Anyway, I decided to cook up a few meals to cover the first couple of weeks for hubby and I and we also had a few friends do this for us as well to freeze.  I highly recommend this, as a new baby in the house turns everything upside down for the first few weeks whilst you adjust.

Luckily my hubby landed a temp job that he was able to do with his back, and they knew about the fact he was about to become a new father and was excited for him, they even allowed him time off to attend appointments with me which was nice of them from 35 weeks your appointments become weekly, mine were every Monday.

I put together the cot with the help of my hubby (much to his frustration) however, I was determined to help, I now know crazy, however hormones make you invincible, and you can do anything.  I also assisted with the change table and decided whilst my hubby was not home to check out some colours of paint... He was so not impressed.  The reason I did not do this behind a door or anything normal, smack bang in the middle of the wall, I will blame hormones again, but I just don't know if I will get away with this.

So I have had a busy weekend, now by this time you will get very tired.  I went for walks with the dog, not sure if you would call it walking, I think more likely a shuffle, I was huge.

I was determined not to waddle and waddle I did not until 37 weeks.... ahhhhhh duck walk.

So my only suggestion is try to relax, if you are like me and cannot for the life of you sit still, cook. 

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