On screen time

Well this has an interesting one.  Admittedly I am quite strict in this, of course this does not mean I don't allow it, but it is limited.

To give you some history as to why I make the decision I have.  My work.  I see clients with low motivation, limited social skills, and low self esteem, though not always, a majority will spend their days on line gaming.  As an adult, you can make whatever decision you like in this, but for me children need this time very limited.  I guess you might wonder why?

Kids are on screens for homework, social, gaming, video, etc.  The list goes on.  However we forger outside time, learning about the world around them, making random friends, heading to the local shop to buy lollies 🍭.  Riding bikes, playing unorganised sports, where you make up the rules.  These are skills that take you through adulthood as well.  Think about this for a second and how this helps you now?

I have seen whilst out for dinner young children including those in high chairs staring at iPads.  I think it is sad.  Does this make the job easier for parents, probably, but children miss learning and observing those social skills from watching you.  My lads will says but my friend is allowed, my answer is, well the rules are different for their family.

If you are wondering, it doesn't mean they do not play games, they do.  My boys have to earn time through the week, during school weeks.  Example chores and homework done or nothing.  If they do this they can have 45 mins Saturday and Sunday.  School holidays are different.  We have a daily chart and they can have computer time if this is completed daily.  They get an hour.

I know this is one of those hotly debated topics, these are the rules for my family.  They work, each family is different.  Do what works for you, but please do not use this as a baby sitting device, or your child may one day be my adult client.

My favourite conversation with my then 12 year and 9 year olds was them desperately trying to tell me how educational mine craft was.  My youngest stated you can even learn about gardening and farming, knowing that I love my little veggie patch.  I got them to follow me outside and gave them hand shovels, and said, looks like you can learn these things with me.  Queue the eye roll and groan.  I laughed at this for a while.

Good luck with this one.  It is hard, but I have stuck to it.  So far so good 😊 

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