Yip Yah... I am really pregnant

Finally... This time I waited the time before telling people just in case.  Now if you happen to read some of those pregnancy books about the only one I would recommend is 'Up The Duff by Kaz Cooke'. I actually found the others scared the wits out of me... Most where full of old wives tales or worse case scenarios. Which when it is your first pregnancy you really do not want to hear.

Some other books will tell you you should be able to feel your baby kicking somewhere between 16 - 18weeks. This is only the case in about 10 - 15% of pregnant women. I was so worried when I read this I made an extra appointment when I got to 16 weeks because I couldn't wait. My doctor really dislike these books because of information like this. I didn't feel my baby until 21 weeks.

Now I will warn you straight up... Advice will come thick and fast with some really odd information. Now this will continue right though and including whilst trying to breastfeed, but we will get to that.

Now to understand I was extremely lucky to be pregnant so I did talk to my obstetrician a lot about foods and diet as I knew just one thing could be bad for me and my baby.Best advice given was eat naturally by my GP and Obstetrician. What this means is if is is processed then don't eat it. He said things like margarine, diet coke, etc...

One big warning I got was about diet sweeteners like aspartame and that one that starts with 'P' and lots of letters can cause you to miscarry. Again chances of this vary from person to person but I was not taking any risk at all.

To this day I will not touch the stuff. I tended to ignore most other advice given and if I wasn't sure I spoke with my doctor. I must say I even had nurses giving the most bizarre advice. I had a child health nurse tell me that potatoes were bad and that it would give your child diabetes...

Needless to say I freaked, thinking I have hurt my unborn baby. The doctor laughed and said don't believe that even for a second. I now think that male nurses and doctors were better because they are out of the old wives tales loop.

Now, in saying everything that I have I will say that different foods will have different effects on different pregnant mothers to be. I couldn't stomach for a moment any seafood and even the smell would send me running for the toilet.

I was a little unlucky in this regard as well because whilst at work I sat right near the breezeway to the lunch room in a call centre, and it was around this time that most people decided to be on the no carbs or low carbs diet which meant they all ate tuna or Salmon on crackers or with salad. The smell, oh god was terrible to me. I had to wait until lunch was over before I could eat mine. Otherwise from this I had no morning sickness at all.

Cravings... Your not odd

Some old wives tales say if you don't follow your cravings your baby will have birthmarks in the shape of... I know again bizarre. Popular in Maltese culture this one. Anyway, this is not true, just in case you were wondering.

I didn't have strong cravings and seriously didn't matter if I didn't get what I wanted but some expectant mums will have really strong cravings. So don't be surprised, all I say is try to remain healthy in your choice.

My craving otherwise was Pancakes, I couldn't get enough of them, just plain with lemon and butter. My other was strawberries, I would eat whole punnets of strawberries then eat more if I could. These days I still love both but just not on the same scale.

By this stage I was now 16 weeks pregnant and loving it.

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