OK... Names for baby

Naming you baby can be a hard one. Some people wait until the baby it born, some plan by finding out the sex of the baby and others plan for either. Our tasks were made a little interesting. I come from a Maltese / Irish background (yes I know a little confusing) and my husband in Australia through and through. My whole family have two middle names and a third added at confirmation (Catholic Ceremony).

My husband was lucky to have one. If you think agreeing on one name is hard try a boys name and girls name times three. I had my mother trying to put in her input with very ethnic names which were never going to work as our surname is very, well Australian. Suggestions like Constantino and Angelo were not going to work, much to my mums’ disappointment.

We did both agree on one thing, a child should never be named after someone who had died. Having a deceased person name in the middle as an honour is fine, but the person we were having is going to be there own person and should be named as such. Now I know some people do this and I don't disagree with this choice. I feel it is up to them and the family history.

Different cultures also have son and daughters who carry on names. We just didn't want to do that. I found girls names easier to convince my husband of, and I think I might just rant at about this time.

Parents of the world even though a name might be cute when your little girl is a youngster think about were this name will take them later in life. I know this is the prerogative of the parents but please think of the future and the chance your child may want to change there name so they can be taken seriously. That is my rant... Just thought I would get that out. Better now thanks.

Anyway, Boys names this is a hard one. You want something masculine but different but not to different and odd. Something they can say with pride and times it by three. Names that will sound good together and not make any words or acronyms that could be used in a not so nice way. My husband didn't do any ready of the name books it was just me constantly say how about this name or that name and him grunting disapprovingly or approval. Ok girls from speaking to other women this is pretty much universal. Husband will not help, however if you choose a name and if they don't like it, he will tell you. Pretty helpful huh? No not really.

The best book for name was a little pocket book I brought for about $5. Also I purchased another book that was about $35 and had 10,000 boys name 10,000 girls names. I really did not find this useful at all, but some might. It was a US book which had lots of American names in it. I personally didn't like it. The best website for me was http://www.babynames.com.au/ you could play around on this site for such a long time.
I will not tell you what name I chose because of privacy of course but he does have three names and of course his surname. That was one tradition I didn't want to let go of.

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