Week 34 and more and weekly OB appointments

This is where the weekly appointments start, and a little invasive, mind you I did have a great doctor who was so nice.  He advised that I make myself a birth plan.  I asked what this meant.  He advised that if there are no complications it is a plan to follow during the birth process.  He again stated that if there are complications then we do what we can to ensure baby and mum are healthy and safe.  Of course I agreed, with really the only part I really was wanting to hear was the birth plan part not the complication side of things.

Now right up until now I was feeling very energised, and this is quite normal as without realising you start nesting.  Now I did have my hubby in a bit of a tither with this because I was literally climbing on things to ensure they were clean.  He would come home and I would be cleaning a light fitting and he would then ask how I got it down knowing I was way too short to have done this safely.  All I can say is I had this indescribable need to clean everything and I mean everything.  Corners or skirting, light fittings, door hinges, windows, etc.  My hubby would send people around to make sure I was not doing anything silly.

Now I know what you are thinking, this is weird, and logically I knew this, however I could not help myself.  I would sit there thinking I will wait to my hubby got home but the need to get it done would drive me crazy, so I would climb big belly and all.

I always had my hubby attend every appointment with me so I felt safe, I mean even though my doctor was wonderful, some of the examinations were invasive so I felt better with him there.  Now I know some women prefer not to have the hubby with them for the same reason, but ladies I am saying this so you do not feel bad with whatever decision you make about either having your partner with you or not.  My original OB wouldn't talk to us as a couple and wouldn't address my husband at all which made me feel uncomfortable, so we change pretty early.

I got scans pretty much every appointments which was wonderful, because of the issues we had to get pregnant and to keep an eye on the progress of the baby.   We decided not to know the sex of the baby, I figure and still do it adds to the excitement.  Now I am aware this is not the case for everyone, and you would be amazed at the amount of people who will ask if you know.  I think this is up to a very personal decision and whatever you choose to do, do not  let other people convince you differently.  I got given the ' you know what to buy' comments of course, however there is nothing wrong with white and yellow.

This was such an exciting time as you feel tired but wonderful and tired and energised all at the same time.

I talked to my husband at great length about my idea of what I wanted to achieve for the birth of our baby.  Now I would like to point out this was my personal preference, and each person is different and also as much as I didn't what to admit at the time there is always the chance this won't happen.

Basically the decision I made was as natural as possible for I feel for me this is my body at its best so why use things to interfere.  I stated that I wanted to use natural oils and my hubby to rub my back and warm baths.  If I seriously needed assistance with pain then light pain medication to take the edge off however to avoid if possible.

We also start this week with birthing classes, more to tell chat soon

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